Yoga for Your Zodiac Sign

Written by: Gabrielle Rosa

Your Star sign, or your zodiac sign, is determined based upon the position of the sun when you were born.  The zodiac is composed of 12 signs. Each sign can be associated with personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, relationship patterns, and even specific regions of the human body. Since yoga is a practice that serves to improve the connection between the mind and the body, we can use astrology and the zodiac to suggest the best yoga poses for you based on your sign.

Aries: March 21st-April 19th

Anatomy: Head

You are known for your natural ability to lead and take initiative. You are immensely passionate, determined, and independent. However, when your energy is out of balance, you can find yourself feeling impatient, reckless and unfulfilled.

Your perfect poses: Warrior II and Standing Forward Fold

Warrior II will be sure to ignite your fiery energy, Aries.  It encourages grounding in the present as well as mental courage to face challenges. Since this fire sign governs the head, you may be more susceptible to migraines or headaches caused by stress.  Practice poses like standing forward fold, or any posture that puts your heart above your head, to help alleviate this tension.

Warrior II

Taurus: April 20th-May 20th

Anatomy: Throat and neck

You are persistent, strong, and devoted. The important people in your life know that they can always count on you. You are incredibly loyal and stable.  Under the sign of the bull, energy imbalances can manifest as greed, laziness, misery and extreme stubbornness. 

Your perfect poses: Cat Pose and Cow Pose

These two poses are often done together at the beginning of a yoga class. Frequently called, “cat-cows,” this gentle flow is a great way to warm up the spine and create space through the neck.  Flowing from cow pose to cat pose can also help with posture and overall balance. 

Cat Pose

Cow Pose

Gemini: May 21st-June 20th

Anatomy: Shoulders and nervous system

Because your sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communications, you are extremely social and outgoing.  You are very witty, adaptable, and naturally curious.  When you experience energy imbalances you are likely indecisive, scatterbrained, anxious, and detached.

Your perfect pose: Bound Wide Leg Forward Fold

Forward folds are great for your nervous system and this bound variation will create openness in your shoulders, a place where you often hold tension.  Wide-legged forward folds are perfect for your adventurous and lively mind because from this pose, you can get into more advanced postures such as tripod, and headstand.

 Bound Wide Leg Forward Fold

Cancer: June 21st-July 22nd

Anatomy: Chest, Stomach, and Digestive System

You are very intuitive and passionate.  Ruled by the moon, you are inherently nurturing and sensitive. If your energy feels out of balance, you find yourself exhibiting moody behaviors as well as being clingy and feeling sluggish.

Your perfect poses: Half Moon Pose and Sugarcane Pose

Half moon pose will help to open your chest and help improve digestion.  The sugarcane variation of this pose will help you to open your hips, which is where we hold our emotions.

Half Moon

Leo: July 23rd – August 22nd

Anatomy: Heart, Cervical Spine

You are proud, motivated, and generous. Because of your ambition and loyalty, making friends comes easily to you. Your confidence and charismatic energy are often contagious. At your worst, you can be aggressive, egotistical and act out of anger. 

Your perfect pose:  Camel Pose

This pose opens the heart and also strengthens your backline muscles.  Camel encourages regal Leo energy and openness to balance your mind and heart.

Camel Pose

Virgo: August 23rd – September 22nd

Anatomy: Intestines and Pancreas

You are analytical, practical and precise. You love to extend a helping hand to others and are always modest about doing so. Your intentions behind your actions are always pure. If you’re experiencing an energy imbalance, you are overly critical, perfectionistic, stiff, and insecure. 

Your perfect pose: High to Low Plank Pose Chaturanga Dandasana

Since your sign rules over the abdominal region, moving from high plank to low plank will allow you to really strengthen this muscle group.

Low Plank

Libra: September 23rd – October 22nd

Anatomy: Lumbar Spine and Kidneys

You are diplomatic, cooperative, and gentle.  You dislike conflict and try to avoid it at any cost.  You value balance and justice and try to promote harmony throughout all aspects of your life. If you are acting uncommunicative, superficial and selfish, this could be a sign of an energy imbalance. 

Your perfect pose: Tree Pose

This posture helps you align your entire body.  Tree pose facilitates focus on the present moment and breath control in order to create the balance and stability that you crave.

Tree Pose

Scorpio: October 23rd – November 21st

Anatomy: Pelvis and Reproductive Organs

People may describe you as mysterious, but it’s only because you rarely open up to them.  You are exceptional deep passionate and soulful.  You are also brave and resourceful.  If your energies are not balanced, you can become suspicious, destructive, cryptic and resentful.

Your perfect pose: Half Pigeon Pose

This posture is a great stretch for your hip flexors. When your torso is forward, your mind and nervous system can easily relax.  Through this deep stretch, blood flow and energy can increase, which can encourage and improve reproductive organ function. 

Half Pigeon Pose

Sagittarius: November 22nd – December 21st

Anatomy: Thighs and Hips

You have a fun-loving spirit and a passion for traveling and exploring.  People are drawn to your great sense of humor and your caring personality.  If you become impatient, impulsive and irresponsible, these could be signs of an energy imbalance.

Your perfect pose: Lizard Pose

This posture will open your hip flexors and mobilize the front line of your body.  Remember to breathe into any uncomfortable sensations that arise in this pose. Lizard pose also has the potential to relax your mind. 

Lizard Pose

Capricorn: December 22nd- January 19th

Anatomy: Knees and Joints

You know what you want, and you will always work as hard as you can to get it.  You are patient, disciplined and honest.  Your can-do attitude and strong sense of initiative always translate to success. Emotional imbalances can lead you to be unemotional, cold, overly controlling, and inflexible.

Your perfect pose: Mountain Pose

Mountain pose can be beneficial to you if you were born under this earth sign.  This grounding posture connects you with the earth beneath your feet.  Mountain pose can aid in knee pain relief as it brings awareness to the surrounding muscle groups. 

Mountain Pose

Aquarius: January 20th – February 18th

Anatomy: Ankles

You are completely unique and have an unconventional way of living life.  You have the biggest imagination of all the signs.  You are innovative and spontaneous.  If your energy is not balanced, you may act immature, messy, disruptive and undisciplined.

Your Perfect Pose: Awkward Pose

Don’t be put off by the name, awkward pose, or awkward chair pose is a powerful pose with many benefits. It strengthens the ankles, legs, glutes, and spine. This pose is almost as eccentric as you, Aquarius.

Awkward Pose

Pisces: February 19th – March 20th

Anatomy: Feet

You always wear your emotions on your sleeve and are easily hurt. You are loving and affectionate with big dreams. You are highly-observant and selfless. Some may find you hard to understand.  Energy imbalance can result in acts of passive aggression, weakness and self-pitying.

Your perfect pose: Downward-Facing Dog

Downward dog is one of the most popular yoga poses and it has a variety of benefits. It provides an incredible stretch for your hamstrings, calves, and feet. To get an even deeper stretch, you can practice gently rising to the balls of your feet as you inhale and as you exhale, sinking your heels deeper into the mat.

Downward Dog


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