About Us


Meet Tempestt, the founder and creative mind behind Fits4Yoga. With a background in TV production, Tempestt's passion for yoga and fashion led her to create a unique yoga apparel brand that reflects her sense of style while maintaining affordability. Ten years ago, Tempestt discovered yoga, and it has since become an integral part of her life. Her desire to find yoga apparel that expressed her unique sense of style at an accessible price point led her to create Fits4Yoga in January 2018, with the online store launching a month later.


The brand's mission is to empower women in all areas of their lives, not just on the yoga mat. Fits4Yoga believes that yoga is a lifestyle that goes beyond the four corners of a mat.


Integrity and honesty are two essential values that drive the Fits4Yoga brand. The team behind Fits4Yoga are not just retailers but are also doers. As climbers, yogis, and world travelers, they live and work in the pieces they sell, and they know that their products can follow you on any adventure.


At Fits4Yoga, every garment is mindfully designed to inspire and empower. The brand uses comfortable fabrics that allow for fluid movement, so you can live in the present moment. The accessories are designed to radiate positivity through both their form and function. Additionally, each product is responsibly sourced from high-quality manufacturers, ensuring that they are both sustainable and durable.



Finally, Fits4Yoga is committed to paying it forward and spreading positive vibes. Being part of the Fits4Yoga community means joining a group of people who value mindfulness, self-care, and empowerment. So, come join us on this journey and experience the benefits of a mindful lifestyle.